Best Refrigerators Fridge In Pakistan 2020 with Price, Best Brands

Want to know which is best refrigerator in pakistan 2020 with reviews and best fridge in pakistan. best refrigerator brands in pakistan 2020. This list also include best refrigerator price in pakistan latest and fridge prices.

Buying a top quality refrigerator in pakistan is difficult task, as there a lot of brand and models available in the market. The fridge and refrigerators comes packed with different unique and useful features.

Some of the refrigerator features you may be looking for are double door fridge, mini fridge, inverter fridge, room fridge, small size fridge, solar fridge, single door fridge, bedroom fridge, dc fridge, 12 volt refrigerator,no frost refrigerator.

Fridges refrigerators may vary from each other, different features, colors, sizes, shapes and technology. If you want to know what refrigerator fridge is best for you to buy? May be you want to buy a small fridge for your apartment space or want to buy a latest new sleek French door side-to-side fridge to the matching of interior of your modern kitchen.

Refrigerator fridge online shopping is the best way to look for your favorite brand and model with decent and desired looks. It will be very difficult and time consuming to look out on every other electronics store to find your desired product. So, save yourself from traffic jam, time, tiredness and find a best refrigerator in pakistan with price by performing some clicks.

Best Refrigerator in Pakistan

  1. Dawlance Refrigerator 9122 AD/FP , 7 CFT
  2. Haier HRF-246 EPR – E-Star Series Top Mount Refrigerator Top – 8cu.ft./216L
  3. D-211 – Double Door Refrigerator – Grey
  4. Haier HR62 WL Bed Room Size Refrigerator
  5. Kenwood Kenwood KRF-480GD – Big Size Refrigerator – Extra Energy Saving Series
  6. Dawlance Dawlance Refrigerator – 91996WB NS – 525ltr – Inverter Series
  7. Kenwood KRF-320SS – 13cft – 364Ltr – Stainless Steel – SSE – Big space imported refrigerator
  8. Siemens KA58NA70NE – Side by Side Refrigerator
  9. INVEREX INV-30 SS 2.5 Cubic ft Single Door Refrigerator
  10. LG New Model LG Double Door Refrigerator Mega capacity Side-by-Side refrigerator with Water Dispenser
  11. Orient Orient Ice 260 Freezer-on-Top Refrigerator 9 Cu Ft Hair Line Silver
  12. PEL Refrigerator 2000 Life TGD-TANGLE GOLD
  13. Panasonic NR-BS60MS – Side by Side Refrigerator – 600L
  14. Samsung RSA1STMG1 – Side By Side Refrigerator
  15. Electrolux 16 cu ft (SER9716N) Prices
  16. LG 2 cu ft Single Door Series (GR051SF)
  17. Gree Refrigerator GR-340V-HC1 – 340 Litre Refrigerator
  18. Changhong Ruba CHR-DD418SP – Fastest Cooling-Top Mounted Refrigerator
  19. Haier 578 L Inverter 21 CFT – No Frost Technology French Door – Refrigerator – HRF-578 TBP
  20. Dawlance Low Frost Series Refrigerator 9 CU FT 9150LF
  21. Sharp 28 cu ft Hikaru Series (SJF876GK)

Best Inverter Refrigerator In Pakistan

Here is the list of best inverter refrigerator in pakistan with price. This list also has best inverter fridge in pakistan 2020.

  1. Changhong Ruba CHR-DD418GPB DC Inverter Refrigerator
  2. Dawlance Dawlance Refrigerator – 91996WB NS – 525ltr – Inverter Series
  3. Haier 578 L Inverter 21 CFT – No Frost Technology French Door – Refrigerator – HRF-578 TBP
  4. Dawlance 525 Litre – 18.5 CFT – Mirror Glass Door Inverter – 91996 – Top Mount Refrigerator
  5. Kenwood Refrigerator KRF-533SBS Inverter Series – Side-by-Side – 20cft
  6. Haier 578 L Inverter 21 CFT – No Frost Technology French Door – Refrigerator – HRF-578 TBP
  7. PEL INVERTER CURVED GLASS DOOR Series Top Mount Refrigerator – PRINVOGD 2550 – 260 L
  8. Orient Crystal 500 Liters Inverter Refrigerator
  9. Dawlance Mirror Glass Inverter 9188 WB 425L/15 cu ft Refrigerator
  10. Dawlance ES Plus 44% Energy Saving Mirror GD Inverter Series Refrigerator (91996) 18 cu ft
  11. Orient Crystal 470 Liters Inverter Refrigerator

Best Solar Fridge in Pakistan with Price

Here is the list of best solar fridge in pakistan and best solar refrigerator in pakistan. This list also includes solar fridge price in pakistan 2020. Solar also powers 12 volt refrigerator price in pakistan.

There are different DC Refrigerators in 12V and 24V with Different Sizes are available in pakistan. But right now there are no big brands offering solar ac in pakistan, and you can only find made by china mostly. They work perfectly on Battery of 150Ah if you Install 2 Panels of 250Watts and a Battery of 150Ah with This Fridge it will be enough for run it for 24/7 in summer and winter both 0% Wapda electricity.

Best Refrigerator & Fridge Brands in Pakistan

Question is which company is best for refrigerator? Here is the list of best refrigerator brands in pakistan and best fridge brands in pakistan.

  1. Pel
  2. Dawlance
  3. Haier
  4. Waves
  5. Kenwood
  6. Orient
  7. Samsung
  8. LG
  9. Singer
  10. Esquire Refrigerators
  11. Electrolux Refrigerators
  12. National
  13. Gree
  14. Toshiba

There is a lot of competition in the refrigerator market, as there are several national and international brands trying to provide best products to its customers.

This kind of competitions always benefits the customer as they are getting quality products.

Things you Should Know Before Buying A Refrigerator / Fridge

Below are some of the important things you should know before buying your favorite refrigerator.

Refrigerator / Fridge Size

The principal interesting point when purchasing an refrigerator is the size. It is typically estimated in cubic feet, while a few brands may show it in liters. On the off chance that you have a huge kitchen, at that point a major size fridge like 27 cubic feet is reasonable.

These fridges are wide and may even have single or double door. In the event that you have small kitchen is size, at that point a littler estimated refrigerator like 14 cubic feet is great.

Choosing the best refrigerator size additionally relies on what number of things will be putting in that. In the event that couple of things will be put away every day, at that point a 2-3 compartment racks and a solitary cabinet little estimated cooler is appropriate. On the off chance that numerous things will be put away, than a 5 compartment racks and 2-3 drawers’ huge estimated refrigerator is required.

Fridge / Refrigerator Style

After the size, you ought to think about the style. There are a wide range of styles of fridges accessible like top cooler, base cooler, next to each other, and French entryway. Choosing one relies upon numerous things. The Top cooler is the conventional refrigerator, with the cooler at top and retires underneath. It is the most regularly one accessible, and the favored selection of purchasers.

The base cooler is another style of ice chest; it has the cooler at the base, and the ordinary refrigerator above it. Base cooler style ice chests cost more than top cooler fridges, yet they have a superior cooling framework. The things in the lower cooler stay cooler for a more drawn out time when contrasted with the top cooler.

The disadvantages of the base cooler refrigerator are that the cooler things can be effectively gotten to by youngsters, and that you should twist consistently to place and expel things.

Double door refrigerator / fridge, each door next to each other has two entryways. On the left side is the cooler; while on the other side is the normal refrigerator. This kind of cooler has more space to store things than the top freezer or base cooler, and it likewise has a water container in the entryway. The main hindrance is that its compartments are thin, and you’ll need to curve to get to things put in lower racks.

The French style door refrigerator is exceptionally well known and it consolidates the base freezer style with the one next to the other fridge. French entryway fridges are new to the market and have a smart structure. They make the kitchen look large and in vogue.

They offer more stockpiling alternatives than the remainder of the styles, and furthermore devour less vitality. They have a decent lighting framework that covers every one of the territories of the freezers.

How Big is Your Family?

Some of the experts suggest that a 12 cubic feet refrigerator fridge in Pakistan is enough for a four members family. However, if your family loves to eat a lot or your consider buying the supplies in bulk, you should thing about buying the best larger refrigerator in pakistan.

If you have a small family than that, you may consider buying a 10 cubic feet refrigerator / fridge to a mini fridge in pakistan.

Voltage Electricity Fluctuation

One thing we all are suffering from is electricity voltage fluctuation problem. Voltage fluctuation is very common and frequent and chances are high of compressor malfunction if you haven’t connected your refrigerator with a top quality voltage stabilizer.

Some brand new models are very intelligent as they automatically adjust voltage fluctuation, they understand the low voltages as well high voltage, due to which there is no need to buy a separate voltage stabilizer to prevent your refrigerator from damage. This feature make sure that your refrigerator or fridge getting required voltage and stay cool in any condition.

Do You have Enough Space?

Before emptying your walled at the electronic market, make sure that you have enough space to adjust your desired size without any problem. Find out if its door are opening easily, without bumping into any other item. Measure the width and height of the desired are carefully, as you can’t cut it out from any side.

Inverter Compressor Refrigerator / Fridge

New and improved inverter technology in refrigerator and fridge shows how energy efficiency they can be in saving of electricity consumption. We have learned that some fridge / refrigerator models specify separately their energy ratings and requirements. Some refrigerator models also feature specially designed inverter compressor technology.

Inverter technology automatically switches off the compressor once the refrigerator temperature reaches the desired temperature, and automatically switches on the compressor once again when the temperature gets below the desired temperature. This is great technology which helps to save electricity costs by a lot and also extends the compressor life.

What was not included in your old Fridge?

The fridge you were using previously is a good base guide for you, as well. It will help you to analyze what other features you are looking for in the next refrigerator you are going to buy. Also keep in mind the thing you don’t need, the problems you faced while using that.

Refrigerator / Fridge LED Light

LED light is installed in some refrigerators instead of traditional light bulbs. Refrigerator LED light is better than bulbs as LED lights has better performance compared to regular bulbs; which also results in less maintenance costs. LED lights is also known to use less electricity and which in result reduce electricity costs.

Refrigerator Temperature Control Knob

Adjust your refrigerator temperature is important, which also effects its performance too. Some of the old model refrigerator comes with traditional manual knob and latest and upgraded fridge models comes with digital electronic knob, which helps you to adjust the temperature setting through a keypad.

Automatic Defrosting

Some refrigerator comes with automatic defrosting functionality, but same has its own advantages and disadvantages. Its major advantage is that the refrigerator / fridge coils are cleaned automatically, which helps in saving the time, as manual cleaning take a lot of time and you need to clean the coils one by one.

Manual cleaning uses a lot of water which is spilled on the floor, in result waste of water and increase the dirt. The automatic cleaning is also have some disadvantage, one of biggest disadvantage is that it consumes electricity to heat the coils for cleaning, in result it increase electricity bill cost.

Spill-proof Shelves

Spill proof shelves are one of the best addition to the refrigerators. These spill proof shelves are made using high quality glass, which makes sure that if anything has been spilled in the shelf remains in that particular shelf, and don’t slips down the bottom shelf below.

Protective Coating

Some of the latest refrigerator models offer an antibacterial coating to prevent bacteria. To stop the harmful bacteria and germs from growing up, a high quality silver nano coating is used inside the fridge. This coating helps the refrigerator to keep the food safe and hygienic for a long span as bacteria won’t attack on the stored food.

Alarm System

Some modern refrigerators have a small alarm which turns on and buzzes if you forgot to close the the door properly. This is a great addition and a useful feature, as many people like myself are always in hurry and forget to close the refrigerator door properly.
Some naughty kids (most of the kids are naughty) don’t bother to close the door after getting their favorite icecream, their innocent mistake release the cooling from refrigerator and in result things stored in becomes warm. This useful alarm keep buzzing for a couple of minutes to make sure you people noticed it.

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  1. Admin I want to purchase new refrigerator and my budget is around about 70 k. Which refrigerator is best for me❓ Refrigerator with R600 and glass shelves and also energy savings and working best even temperature >50..

      • Inverter technology ho ya phr kam electricity use krny wali ho. Big size ho. 16 sy 20 cubic foot. Glass shelves hn. R600 gas ho. Reliable ho.. Yani many years chlna wala ho. Defrost ho. 48 centigrade par b sehi cooling krta ho.. Compressor high quality ka ho.aur energy efficient ho. Agr Japan wagera ki assembled ho tu phr kia he bat hi

  2. Admin I want to purchase new refrigerator and my budget is around about 70 k. Which refrigerator is best for me❓
    energy savings and working best even temperature >50..
    Inverter technology ho ya phr kam electricity use krny wali ho.
    Yani A+ ya A++ ho?
    Big size ho.
    14 sy 20 cubic foot. Yani 360 litre to 550 litre k darmyan capacity ho.
    Glass shelves hn.
    R600 gas ho.
    Reliable ho.. Yani many years chlna wala ho. Defrost ho.
    Agr Environment ka temperature 46C to 50 centigrade تک ho jye tu phr b sehi cooling krta ho..
    Compressor high quality ka ho.
    aur energy efficient ho.
    Agr Japan ya European wagera ki assembled ho tu phr kia he bat hi


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